You are what you are, my friend. There’s no changing sides once God places you
– Northstar
Affairs of the heart always matter. No matter how silly or stupid. The heart knows no logic.
– Northstar
(Alpha Flight #82, The Quest for Northstar, Part II)
Aurora: My name is Aurora, and zeeze are my friends. We are looking for my brozair, Jean-Paul. We were told he is here in Alfheim. Do you know him? He is also known as Northstar.
A Male "cat elf": Northstar was an ally! Yes... I see the resemblance. My men will stay their weapons, but I'm afraid I have some bad news for you. Your brother is dead. Here is where we found the corpse. You can see the blood stains on the grass there. His riding cat lay here, dead from many sword blows. We found several broken weapons round and about. We never found his body. But thy brother did not go down without a fight.
Aurora! No! No matter where you are — no matter how far they drag you down itno the darkness — I’ll fight free to you — find you — save you —
Northstar (Alpha Flight #50)